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19 Jul

Darcy as “well buff.” And yes, it is as magical as you think it is.You “fancy” them, although not in the Iggy Azalea sense.You've probably progressed to “copping off.” What kinds of activities fall under the heading of “copping off?” If you like the good ol' fashioned baseball analogy, pretty much anything around second or third base.Note that “snogging” is to be used only in a romantic context — as Arnell notes, a snog is not a peck on the cheek, and you certainly wouldn't go around snogging your relatives.You're “out on the pull.” This one was new to me, and to be honest, I think it's a more entertaining phrase than “trying to pick someone up” — although I'll admit to being somewhat curious as to why both phrases involve physically moving someone or something.Character, kindness, humour and family goals are just a few of the dimensions that e Harmony takes into consideration, while our setting options allow you to filter by ethnicity, language, religion and location.

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The differences are readily apparent in a lot of ways (“jelly” versus “jam,” for example, or “pants” versus “trousers”) — but perhaps the most obvious one is when it comes to dating.Simply put, brushing up on dating terms in British English pretty much requires you to speak a whole new language — or at least acquire a whole new vocabulary.But hey, that's what the web series Anglophenia is for: Clearing up some of the things about life in the UK that Americans may not be familiar with, no matter how much of an anglophile you may think you are.Why is Arnell holding a copy of Pride and Prejudice here?Because she is rewriting it as she speaks, with Lizzie referring to Mr.