Bread dating

20 Oct

The tangy flavors of the Parmesan gave the bread a nice sharpness, while the Gouda balanced out the Parmesan to keep it from overpowering the bread.

As the recipe suggested, I tore into the bread as soon as it came out of the oven.

However, when I went to Eastern Market, I sampled a cheese hybrid of Parmesan and Gouda from Bowers Fancy Dairy Products that, to put it frankly, made Gruyere taste like toe jam.

So I decided to try the bread with the Parmesan Gouda instead…and IT…WAS…FABULOUS!

Dough variations were produced by substituting water (25%, 50%, 75% and 100% v/v) by pulque.

The leavening volume of all the dough variations exhibited an increase of about 50% relative to the control dough, where only commercial yeast was used.

Well, I also don’t have all the money in the world and really should save it, so we’ll see. how am I gonna fit that into my already busy schedule? Make sure to use overly ripe bananas– it makes a difference!

In other news, my parents graciously gave me a two year membership to 24 Hour Fitness! It comes out to .50 a month for a gym membership. I’ve never really worked out before, except for last summer when I became a gym rat (well, I really only went to swim laps), so having a gym membership is big news to me. I’m hoping to get up at AM or so and be able to go to the gym before work.

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While out at dinner one night in New Orleans, I was doing my usual routine of taking shots of the beautiful food presented at my trough…I mean, table.Turns out, she writes for the King Arthur Flour’s blog, Baker’s Banter.The three of them were in town for the annual conference for the International Association of Culinary Professionals.I love, love, love King Arthur Flour, but had no clue they had their own blog!We started talking blog shop for a bit and web addresses were exchanged (along with dining experiences thus far in New Orleans).