Boa kwon dating single parent dating canton ohio

21 Aug

– First kiss: “My freshman year, in front of my house, I had a slight first kiss with my girlfriend. Gets angry when they practice because they need to focus more and work hard.

– He registered on Ivy and Boa’s fan cafe’s in the past, but both accounts expired. – The only member of Big Bang who is not afraid of Yang Hyun Suk.

His dream was to become a pianist, and his mom bought it for him after a lot of thought and consideration – He went from rapper in GDYB to lead vocalist/singer in Big Bang. – Feels touched knowing that people spend that much effort making placards and fanletters for him.

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– His favorite nickname is 권리다 (Kwon Leadah) – His clothing size is Medium.(President of YG Entertainment) – Has seen YG acting ‘cute’ bragging about new shoes and has seen YG dancing cute-like to music.– He picked Seungri as the member he would date if he was a girl. – Chooses love over work – His reason to become a singer was one word: destiny.– One of his favorite songs is ‘The Killers – Somebody Told Me’ – He never once felt like quitting being a singer. He admires her dancing and performances and wants to compose music and do sexy hip hop music with her.– His favorite artists include Jay-Z , Blackstreet .