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22 Apr

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“Perhaps the most obviously, failure allows us to escape the punishing norms that discipline behavior and manage human development with the goal of delivering us from unruly childhoods to orderly and predictable adulthoods.” (Halberstam, 2011, p.3) While orgy is not a failure, there is no doubt that it is a behavioral taboo.

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Via the investigations and interview, the ways the members produce and consume their self-images within the framework of group sex will also be briefly examined.There is actually a hierarchy in sexual behavior according to Gayle Rubin.Her theory Charmed Circle of sex illustrates the patriarchal sexuality hierarchy.As said by Rubin, “the more thickly a culture draws the boundary line between tolerable and intolerable sex, the more likely it is to insist this line must be guarded vigilantly, lest sexual chaos replace sexual order.” (Tong, 1998, p.64) Generally speaking, the so-called “sexual order” refers to the marital reproductive heterosexual sex, and the “sexual chaos” refers to the sexual behaviors that transgress “the traditional” boundaries and are frowned upon.In this case, anything sex that are non-marital non-heterosexual and non-reproductive.