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10 Feb

Over 50% of medical and nursing staff reported that they would not challenge patients, staff or visitors smoking on NHS trust site.There was a trend for employees to be more likely to challenge patients than visitors, and to be more likely to challenge visitors than other staff.Part time, agency and voluntary staff, medical and nursing students and non-nursing staff from professions allied to medicine were excluded. A direct opportunistic approach was chosen to minimize response bias.Verbal consent was obtained and succinct introduction to the purpose of the study was given.

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Qualitative and quantitative data from questionnaires was analysed and interpreted by M. The Chi-square test was used to analyse differences between reported behaviors of the subgroups when compared to the average of the study population.

Exposure to cigarette smoke in the work place is associated with morbidity in the work force including worsening of lung function In July 2007, smoking tobacco was banned in all enclosed public places in the UK.

In December 2006, all UK NHS sites became ‘Smokefree’.

Approximately 24% of the UK population continues to smoke cigarettes despite widespread knowledge of negative health effects.

Smoking is implicated in 120 000 premature deaths in the UK every year.