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19 May

The site is currently only available in France, but there are plans to expand to other countries in Europe.

Earlier this month, scientists cracked the meaning of a cow 'mooing'.

Each cow is rated according to the speed at which the calves they spawn grow and the number of successful impregnations.

Everyone has romantic notions about dating in Paris.

Happn was launched by Rappaport, who was also a cofounder of video sharing site Dailymotion, along with Anthony Cohen, and Fabien Cohen in February 2014 in Paris.ar possibly receives an estimated 106 unique visitors every day.The website server is using IP address and is hosted in Florida , Argentina , Buenos Aires.He doesn’t want to get into the legalisation of drugs, “but you know I’m gonna smoke some weed the moment this interview is finished”.He’s also not sure whether things are worse for young black men now than when he was growing up, or “if the kids are more reckless and crazy”, and is mindful of sounding like an old fart: “That was me when I was 18.” At 28, he says he is starting to think about settling down, but there is no Mrs Rascal on the horizon.“But I make sure I import some, to give the place some colour.” Growing up in London, he continues, “race was an issue, and I definitely had to fight.