Who is casey anthony dating 2016

06 May

Still residing in South Florida, Anthony largely relies on members of her legal team for financial support and to be set up on dates, People wrote.

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Read: Mystery Deepens Over 2-Year-Old Boy Who Vanished in the Woods Despite what many said was a cut and dry case against Anthony, the young mom was found not guilty.Anthony also no longer maintains relationships with her parents, only occasionally speaking with her mother, Cindy, People wrote.“She doesn’t talk to her dad at all,” an insider said.Her father, George, had been accused by Anthony's attorney of abusing his daughter and it was insinuated that his late granddaughter may have actually been his child. Anthony also no longer speaks to her brother, Lee, whom she accused of molestation at the trial. Lee has since married his longtime girlfriend, Molly Parker, and has had a baby boy, but his sister was not invited to the wedding.Yesterday it was revealed that Casey Anthony paid her lawyer with sex since she had no money, no job. In 2011, a Florida jury found Casey Anthony not guilty. Because Casey Anthony has a bankruptcy case working through the legal system, and discovered in the documents are two affidavits.