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21 Jan

"They did make overtures but the Guards Brigade had the highest discipline in the army and you couldn't expect them to fraternise at all and that is why we were ordered to open fire."Apparently regular troops did respond to their overtures and engaged in this truce.Pte Huggins, from Ware, Hertfordshire, worked in his family's upholstery business before he joined the Hertfordshire Regiment, which was one of the first Territorial Army units to be called up to the regular army in the First World War.In November 1914 the men joined up with the illustrious Guards Brigade and sailed to France and were soon in action at the first Battle of Ypres.

Clearly missing his family, he wrote: "I know you all must miss me and no doubt can to some extent realise what my feelings are for I cannot express them.

Sgt Gregory's granddaughter Audrey Mc Lachlan, whose late mother was his eldest daughter Evelyn, said: "My mother once told me how my grandfather came home on leave in 1914 and he gave her a little girl's tea service.

"She was running inside with it all excited and she fell over and broke it.

Speaking in an interview in 1983, Cpl Lane that Mr Hill has now uncovered, he said: "There was a great deal of commotion going on in the German front line 150 yards away. "The Germans did not reply to our fire and carried on with their celebrations.

After a few moments there were lighted objects raised above the German parapet, looking like Chinese lanterns to us. They ignored us and were having a very fine time indeed and we continued in our wet trenches trying to make the most of it.