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02 Feb

In his conference call with reporters on Monday, head coach Bill Belichick gave a generic answer about Butler, which is something he’ll often do when asked about specific players’ performances.The fact that he did speak in some detail about the positive performances of other players led to a lot of reading between a lot of lines from a whole lot of people. A much better comparison can be found with none other than one Mr.He reached the pinnacle of success during his 12 year playing career, but Wes Welker is starting at the bottom of the NFL coaching ranks.The two-time All-Pro and five-time Pro Bowler explained his new gig Wednesday with the Houston Texans.He pulled off a miraculously speedy recovery from a torn knee at the end of ’09 to catch 86 passes for 848 yards and seven touchdowns in ’10.

I think that's been good for me."Healthwise, I've been good as far as that stuff. Getting through that year and then finding what I really want to do -- this is it.At that point, the hysteria of a “Wes Welker phase-out plan” began to spread like wildfire. So, he was still very much involved, despite the “phase-out.” Yet, the theories were thrown around like crazy. 10, 2012, ESPNBoston.com: “They’re phasing Wes Welker out in New England.They gave him the franchise tag this year, couldn’t come to a long term agreement, paid him .5 million for the season.BOSTON (CBS) — You know, you can’t swing a stick around these parts without hitting somebody who’s contemplating the status of Malcolm Butler on the Patriots.It’s not completely without validity, of course, not after Butler started Sunday’s game on the sideline and served a third-cornerback role after starting and playing almost every snap for the past two seasons.