Wantingsex credits

18 Jan

BOB ABERNETHY, anchor: Now, the concerns among observers—and some participants—about the phenomenon of hooking up on many college campuses. But writers and sociologists who have studied what is happening say casual hook-ups can make it more difficult for young people to develop long-term commitments. JUDY VALENTE: A basement bar near the campus of a major Eastern university Thursday night around 10 p.m. Professor of Sociology, University of Notre Dame): A lot of universities at , —almost every adult has left the campus. WHITE (Vice President for Student Affairs, Southern Methodist University): I think it exists on every college campus.Some of these young people, after having a few drinks — or more than a few — may later become physically intimate in some way, possibly with someone they barely know. I mean literally it’s a small village that’s taken over by 18- to 22-year-olds, and so what they want to do there, they do. I think this is how students develop relationships with one another on college campuses nationwide.

VALENTE: Hooking up can mean anything from kissing to sexual intercourse, or something in between. SMITH: I would say the hookup culture is very pervasive. VALENTE: Christian Smith is a sociologist at the University of Notre Dame. It seems to be another form of entertainment that doesn’t have too much attached to it. Why is there what some have called “a crisis of courtship”?

We are — it’s somehow become a word that people are afraid to use.

But in essence that’s what every one of those young women that I talked to and have written me want — and the young men as well. And the question they have to ask themselves is, is hooking up the way to get there?

I thought coming here, you know, you’d meet a lot of guys and you, hopefully, you would leave with having a boyfriend.

But now I think that, after being here for two years, I think that it’s more about just meeting random people and having fun. SMITH: The media has just been more explicit about sex and casual relationships, “Sex and the City”— whatever it might be. UNIDENTIFIED MALE STUDENT #1: Well, you know, with the hookup someone’s always going to get attached and so that leads to a little bit of heartbreak for one side.