Vietnam dating scams

17 Mar

Only then you will realize that you do not know her phone number or address.

A bolder scammer will announce about her visa readiness but inability to buy a ticket due to her little salary and that you will need to wait for a long time till she has the necessary amount.

There can be many such stories with ill child or parents, etc.

Don't think that all scammers can be identified from the very beginning.

If you really want to help somebody, just be cautious.The subsequent scenario will develop depending on the scammer's professionalism and boldness.The girl can disappear from your life forever after receiving this USD 200 or 300.Scammers can tell any story, they don't hesitate to tell even about child's mortal disease and ask money for surgery. You can also hear a story about a vase she broke in a museum and a large penalty she needs to pay not to get in prison; about getting to hospital after a terrible accident and money she needs for treatment.She can pretend she got to slavery and was lucky to find her passport and now needs money for escape.