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12 Aug

If you are a senior this topic is a must in your portfolio. Following are some most frequently asked WCF questions:- MVC is again one of the must topics when it goes above 3 years of experience. Now EF is not compulsory but depending on job description , it can be a make or break thing. RDBMS forms one of the important parts of any software project. In this section mostly I have seen interviewer throwing some tricky SQL queries, asking some database design questions and some questions around stored procedures,triggers, views and cursors. NET is a component which helps us to connect to SQL Server and fetch data in to c# applications. Explain Abstraction,encapsulation, inheritance and polymorphism?

NET fundamental topics, some OOP (Object oriented programming) questions and few SQL queries and you had job in your hand. Can you explain windows, forms and passport authentication?

The five pillars of c# interviews Irrespective you are senior developer or a junior developer, you cannot get away by not answering question from these 5 categories. Almost 80% of c# interview start from OOP questions. What are different kind of validator controls in ASP.

The five important categories which every c# developer should answer are OOP, . You as a c# developer should not take any kind of risk when it comes to answering OOP question.

This article will run you through what you should be preparing before going to c# interviews. This article is not a short cut to get a position as c# developer.

Rather it shows a road map of how you should be preparing yourself, so that you do not end up losing good opportunities.