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07 Jan

Many couples pick boo-boo songs because they thought that: If it sounds romantic, it must be romantic.I know not all guests pay attention to music, but I think lyrics count a lot – if not more than melody – when it comes to the wedding song list.But even before I attend weddings as a guest, I’ve been singing and emcee-ing at several weddings.While I wouldn’t call it a peeve, I’d often sneak a chuckle at poorly-selected songs (if I were an attendee) or advise my client to choose another song if they have picked, what I call, a boo-boo song. Few years later, it was the Korean people who had their F4. Then, the Japanese realised the drama in their own language.This grade is not directly based on the "money score", but is instead based on the player's overall accuracy.Various game modes are available, with different rule alterations that provide suitable challenges for players of various degrees of skill.

The player is a club DJ who must manipulate the controls according to the instructions on screen to win the praise of the audience.The passing range is shown on the bar as a red region on the right, and green for the failing range on the left.The game may end prematurely if the bar is completely depleted, but this depends on individual machine settings. A final grade (A – H) is given at the end of the game to indicate the player's performance.Each game consists of a set number of songs of various difficulties, and each song must attain a certain degree of satisfaction from the audience in order to progress to the next.The game controls consist of five plastic vertical rectangular keys that are arranged in a zigzag pattern like the letter "M" or in vibraphone type arranged.