Updating dell bios without floppy mlp dating sim banned from equestria

22 Aug

But, I'm quite sure it's pointless and wouldn't work. he didn't do this to get dugg, he did it to help people. If you are a Linux user, the title communicates to you exactly what you need to know.

:) Since the bios flash utility, needs to do a write of the saved "actual bios code", maybe a CD is not that suitable. The author didn't focus on the details of the procedure steps when formulating the well-chosen title.

One of the things I wanted to do was update the BIOS but was having a hard time figuring out how. I've just tested the procedure and updated my BIOS successfully - no problem at all. I've found elsewhere that the magic incantation to find your current BIOS version (without rebooting) is: dmidecode -s bios-version Your comment is very childish, how old are you? You might want to add something about doing this from a usb drive since it's a waste to use a cd for this (and I don't have cdrw discs). tried with the 2.88 freedos but still not big enough seems i might have to extract the bits from the or just make a bootable rom, anyway still can't flash. cheers btw may have used a derivative of this page but thanks anyway (for the xpc, at least) Thank you very much - useful and informative I just updated a Dell Dimension 4300 bios using a CD, and I learned a bit more command line stuff. It's true that english is not my mother tongue, so it's slightly harder for me to compose completely correct sentences.

The title was misleading only to those who look for problems.

I have Linux and I cannot flash my BIOS via conventional methods.

Well, you theoretically could have some trouble after the BIOS update if some feature in the new BIOS is incompatible with your setup.

But that is VERY unlikely, so IMHO you can effectively ignore that outcome.