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19 Sep

Digi Pay Solutions is a recognized payment processing brand among leading debt consolidation service providers.

The company’s extensive network of partner banks, payment experts and elite portfolio of tailored solutions has helped launch entrepreneurial start-ups and take enterprise organizations to the next level of corporate growth.

Digi Pay’s team of experts, combined with our partners’ proven record of successful debt consolidation services, can facilitate successful new company launches and help existing businesses grow and scale.

The debt consolidation industry expanded rapidly on the heels of the Great Recession of 2008, as consumers sought relief from high levels of unsecured debt.

Credit Card Balance Transfers: Balance transfers involve consolidating multiple debts onto a new or existing credit card that offers a zero balance or lower rate for a fixed amount of time.

As consumers paid their loans, defaulted or filed for bankruptcy protection, stricter credit guidelines and economic uncertainties restricted access to credit, decreasing the number of eligible prospects for debt consolidation and stifling demand for debt relief in general.Qualified borrowers must a reasonable amount of equity in their homes and good credit.While interest rates tend to be lower on home equity loans, failure to make payments on time can result in foreclosure, adding considerable risk to this type of debt consolidation.Once approved, consumers can use it to consolidate debts.GET A FREE CONSULTATION TODAY Due to the highly competitive nature of the debt consolidation industry, companies that specialize in a vertical industry or niche have been shown to outperform generalist debt relief companies.