States mandating coverage for invitro fertilization

24 Sep

They are only supposed to serve as a benchmark by which others are judged.

VA’s standards should only be directly employed when a provider fails to present certification from the product manufacturer or a trade association that incorporates adherence to stringent safety standards as part of its membership.

On June 14, 2017, Senator Elizabeth Dole testified before the Senate Special Committee on Aging regarding the needs of military caregivers.

Joining the Senator’s remarks with his own testimony was Hidden Heroes ambassador and actor, Ryan Phillipe.

A second panel included veterans, their caregivers, and researchers from the RAND Corporation who shared the findings of a report commissioned by the Elizabeth Dole Foundation outlining the critical needs of caregivers.

There are currently 5.5 million veteran and military caregivers.

For anyone qualifying for home adaptations under the VR&E program, the draft bill would have the VA’s Specially Adapted Housing (SAH) office carry out the actual delivery of services.

Because the Loan Guaranty office currently administers both the SAH and SHA grants, the effect would be to consolidate all administrative authorities for home modifications under one office within VA.

The following is an excerpt from the oral statement and highlights our main position on the matter: When PVA first involved itself in the passage of the Veterans Mobility Safety Act, our biggest concern was ensuring that as safety standards for installing automotive adaptive equipment were implemented, the end user would not be negatively impacted.

When those providers are identified, they should face a choice: become certified under VA’s standards or stop doing business with VA.”We remain concerned that VA has not developed a sound policy yet to ensure proper implementation of these requirements.

We will continue to work with VA staff to ensure that this necessary change is not haphazardly carried out.

The Elizabeth Dole Foundation works to raise awareness of the role of caregivers in our society.

Last September, the Foundation launched Hidden Heroes to push forward solutions to the daily challenges caregivers face.