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11 Nov

It documents the life and times of composer Franz Xaver Gruber.The museum houses the guitar originally used by lyricist Joseph Mohr and several signed copies of the sheet music.

Salt mining at the site was first mentioned in an 1198 deed.In the 17th century, however, the population of Terni declined further due to plagues and famines.In the 19th century, Terni took advantage of the Industrial Revolution and of plentiful water sources in the area.In mid-1947, ORT opened a school in two of the barracks, teaching tailoring, dressmaking, electrical and radio technology, baking, beautician training, and upholstery to over 200 students. In 1948, with the closure of other DP camps, Hallein became the Austrian collection point for Jewish emigrees to Canada and the United States.The inmates even established a football team named Hakoah Hallein, coached by Heinrich Schönfeld. Hallein hosts two museums of historic and musical interest.