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08 Feb

The frequency with which consumers shop for groceries, which has been declining for a decade or more, may have picked up thanks to the spread of e-commerce. The rate of new consumer-product launches is probably slowing or in decline. A crude gauge of production speed can be gained by looking at the inventories of industrial firms, which mainly comprise half-finished goods, or “work-in-progress”.

The ratio of work-in-progress to sales points to a slowdown over the past decade (though if you exclude Boeing, an aircraft-maker, it is merely flat).

Take the “adoption lag”—or the average time it takes slow or poor countries to catch up with pioneering countries’ usage of a technology.

Information technology is ever more embedded in customer’s lives.

More firms use contracts and accounting systems with “mark-to-market” prices, exposing themselves to rapid changes that long-term contracts used to smooth over.

A CUSTOMER downloads an app from Apple every millisecond.

The firm sells 1,000 i Phones, i Pads or Macs every couple of minutes.