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08 Sep

Right now we have one House seat with a 15-vote margin, and another with a 35.So, Dan, just cool your jets until all the votes are counted.People understand: if you give someone at the bottom of our economy another dollar or two an hour, THEY WILL SPEND IT, maybe with you.How did people who care about Alaska’s environment do?I guess the idea of firemen, police officers and other public employees being able to bargain collectively didn’t strike fear into the hearts of the voting public. Alaskans had the good sense to stop making criminals of those who use marijuana.

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The wringing of hands and hearts seems a bit over the top in reaction to this week’s election.

Despite the bipolar quality of the results so far, I’m hopeful for the future of our state.

I’m hoping that someone will explain to the morality police that gay marriage — or what I like to call “marriage” — isn’t mandatory, and the only one you need to worry about is your own.

The good folks of Anchorage voted to reject Mayor Dan Sullivan’s hit on public unions.