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12 May

Prior to 1974 the county housed much of the administration of the county of Radnorshire, although the official county town was Presteigne.The reorganisation of local government in 1974 resulted in Llandrindod becoming the county town of the newly formed administrative county of Powys."Trinity Parish") is a town and community in Powys, within the historic boundaries of Radnorshire, Wales.It serves as the seat of Powys County Council and thus the administrative centre of Powys.

Superb 6 rink indoor bowling green to International standard.This led to an influx of people employed by the new bureaucracies, on salaries determined by national pay scales.With the relatively low cost of living in the area this resulted in a boom in the town's economy as the newcomers spent their money on housing and entertainment.Horse races (and later air displays) were held on the Rock Ddole meadow beside the river.In 1893 the archdeacon with responsibility for the area had Llandrindod old church unroofed in order to persuade the congregations to attend the new church in the centre of the town. Llandrindod was the place of the election of the first Archbishop of Wales, which occurred at the Old Parish Church.