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04 Mar

I can take it on the chin, but we are going to have to sit our children down and tell them we now aren’t going away on holiday anymore.’She described the airline company’s refund voucher offer as ‘disgusting and not compensation’.

She added: ‘They are just handing out £40 vouchers thinking it will make everything all right.

While Ryanair employees are not unionised, some pilots are said to be plotting to take unofficial action in the form of ‘mass sick days’ and working to rule.

This includes refusing to work during time off or to fill in for a sick colleague.

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However, yesterday the prices went up to £505 per family, which they cannot afford.

Last week, many were left infuriated after Mr O’Leary accused them of being ‘full of their own self importance’.

The pilots’ letter, seen by the Mail, is backed by those at airports including Luton, Liverpool, Glasgow, Manchester, Edinburgh, East Midlands, Dublin and Cork.

Announcing the cancellation of flights for another 400,000 passengers over the winter on Wednesday, Ryanair insisted there was no pilot shortage and rejected claims that many pilots are leaving.

It also insisted it has received ‘widespread support’ from its 4,200 pilots over the past weeks.