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13 Feb

Examples of tickers you can add: 4) If you have more than one ticker and your tickers are side by side, it will make the pages too wide every time you post, so please make sure that you press enter before adding a 2nd or 3rd ticker to your signature.

Examples of mini tickers: Any tickers or pictures which are added must not affect the width of the forum or exceed the total size allowed below: combined images overall size template - 750 pixels wide by 200 pixels high Tickers or pictures which are too large etc or are complained about by other members will be edited or deleted from a member's profile.

Now click the host it box and wait for your image to upload.

Now you need to use the Upload Image From Your Computer: option, to find the image on your pc.

2) Next choose the sort of ticker you would like: expecting a baby, child's birthday etc. The code you need is the "Pseudo HTML, UBBCode or BBCode" Copy and paste this into the signature box of your profile.

Put the date in, choose a ruler/meter, select a marker, type out any text you wish to have displayed above the ticker. Once you have added the code to your signature box, you need to scroll down and click on the save signature button.

Please can you all remember that although our forum can only be posted on by members, it is actually viewable by anyone from the general public who stumbles across it and any pictures or photos you post (of yourself, your children etc) can be saved or downloaded onto anyone else's pcs anywhere else in the world.. Most of the forum boards should now allow members to upload pictures directly to the boards - you can find out how to do this here, however there are a few boards that don't allow this and if you come across a board that doesn't, then you will need to use an image hosting site to add your picture (see below).

1) First you need to use an image hosting provider of your choice, such as Imageshack to upload an image from your computer.