Sedating antihistamines uk

04 Apr

However in the case of someone with an allergy, the immune system will treat something harmless such as pollen as a threat, and go into defensive mode.This then causes symptoms we associate with allergies, such as swelling and inflammation.

Some prescription nasal sprays and eye drops for allergies may combine an antihistamine with a decongestant, or a corticosteroid (such as Dymista).Combination eye drop treatments, containing both an antihistamine and decongestant agent (such as Otrivine-Antistin) can be purchased over the counter.These are indicated for allergic conjunctivitis caused by hay fever or household allergies.For instance, someone with a pollen allergy may be able to keep symptoms at bay on high pollen days by: Applying a tiny amount of vaseline to the lower inside of the nostrils can also help to reduce the amount of pollen that makes it into your airways.However where symptoms persist despite these measures, speaking to your pharmacist about antihistamine treatment may be able to help.