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12 May

To warn youth and parents about these crimes, we need to educate them about the real dynamics, and how naïve romantic illusions make some young people vulnerable to adult offenders who use flattery and seduction.

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Most of these crimes are statutory rather than forcible rapes2.

Four percent of the youth in the YISS received solicitations in which the solicitor made or tried to make contact with the youth offline via telephone, offline mail or in person1.

These are the online encounters most likely to lead to an offline sex crime.

Youth and parents need to know that most Internet sex crimes have this dynamic, so they can accurately identify situations where such crimes may be occurring. Most youth do not realize that sexual pictures of themselves and other minors can constitute child pornography; its production and transmission are serious crimes.

They may see such photos as romantic, fun, adventuresome, or even remunerative.