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21 Apr

The paper identified 118 accounts of groups, mostly on Facebook, but also on Twitter and Instagram.Those groups would post stories and advertisements that incited racial animosity and supported a variety of groups, from Black Lives Matter and immigration activists to Texas independence and gun rights.Vladmir Putin's personal 'chef' has been unmasked as the money behind the Russian troll factory that used social media to spread fake news during the US presidential campaign, according to officials briefed on the investigation.Evgeny Prigozhin, a Russian Oligarch and shadowy businessman known as 'Putin's chef' has long been rumored to be behind a company called the Internet Research Agency (IRA).Putin loved his food and quickly turned to him to cater his birthday parties and dinners with visiting leaders.In 2002, in fact, he served President George W Bush truffles and caviar during a summit in St Petersburg.None of the groups or events directly benefited or supported Trump, but they did provide an environment in which pro-Trump rhetoric was popular and well-received.

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The Oligarch started his career as a hot dog seller before being sent to jail in the 1980's for fraud and robbery.The restaurant is one of six upscale restaurants he owns in the city.His rise to unfathomable riches and status was born the day Putin, a year into his first term as president, popped into his eatery.Prigozhin, who ran the Russian President's favorite restaurant in St Petersburg and won billions in state catering contracts, is thought to be the IRA's financial backer.His involvement and alleged financial backing sheds further light on the alleged Russian meddling in the American election - providing a clear link between the Kremlin and the misinformation efforts.