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In light of the foregoing, the Court notes its concern with this discrepancy in Plaintiff's information and reminds him that, pursuant to Local Rule 11.1, each pleading must be executed under the ... In fact, aside from the Sheriffs admission that he knew Carter and Mc Coy at some point had been on Adams' Facebook page, there is ... In reviewing a Rule 12(b)(6) motion, the court must accept all well-pleaded facts in the complaint as true and view them in the light most favorable to the plaintiff. to Taylor, she said to Waugh, "I just got a phone call from my boss telling me that he heard advertising on ESPN News and Facebook. the First Circuit then noted that in the context of personal jurisdiction it is settled that the concept of a "state's courts" includes all of the ...... The Court believes that an award of attorney's fees is appropriate here ... MARK ELLIOT ZUCKERBERG, FACEBOOK, INC., Defendants. Finally, the Court must consider whether a competitor could easily duplicate the information. of individuals with friend requests, and it is by no means clear that all of those ...... 5,631,953 for Claiming Both an Apparatus and a Method. 1996)); see also In re Facebook Privacy Litig., 791 F. Plaintiff argues that because all three defendants "are parties" to the e Bay User Agreement that forms part of ...... trial counsel asked repeated questions about MB's living situation, and he impeached her with comments she made on her My Space page, which ... troubled business[es], such as Lane Scan, would be unlikely if the acquiring entity were forced to satisfy all vested rights ......While the Court maintains that there is insufficient evidence as a matter of law to support even a claim based on perceptions, all of Plaintiffs ...... After some inquiring by the trial court, Mother claimed that both her Yahoo and My Space accounts had been hacked. Upon its own motion, or the written request of any party filed with the court prior to the admission of evidence, the court in all actions tried upon the ...... and that case is totally divorced both temporally and topically from the matter currently before this Court. literally, in the company of dozens of other jurists and public officials all of whom ...... Thomas and Jones worked at Subway and Jet's Pizza was based on review of their Facebook profile pages ... the City's copyright in at least four new and different ways after the effective date of the City's copyright registration, including (1) Shah's Facebook page which ... Therefore, the court grants the pending motions on this ground, without prejudice to Cyber Fone should it seek an opportunity to amend to assert a specific claim of ... In determining whether the evidence is legally sufficient to support a conviction, a reviewing court must consider all of the ...... For all these reasons, the Court finds that Plaintiffs ...... All photographs posted, uploaded, or otherwise added to any social networking sites or blogs, including but not limited to Facebook.com, Myspace.com, Twitter.com, or any similar websites posted since the date of the accident alleged in the Complaint. In addition to the Facebook photographs, the Forum, without Davis' permission, hung large banners from the side of its building made from, or displaying, Davis' photos. Determining the propriety of granting a motion to dismiss requires courts to accept all the factual ...... The Court examines this evidence below, focusing on the requisite causal connection. text messages from Plaintiff on July 8th: "Leonard emptied out the drawer where all the call ...The court now examines whether a stay in favor of reexamination will simplify or streamline this litigation. and June 30, 2011 resulted in all claims being canceled, 43% changed the claims, and only 13% confirmed all claims." Pragmatus AV, LLC v. WOL Church's social networking page on Facebook identifies its website as "org," which is ... A court also may rely on "extrinsic evidence," which "consists of all evidence external to the patent and prosecution history, including expert and inventor testimony, dictionaries, and learned treatises." Markman, 52 F.3d at 980. Defendant's impersonation of Jane Doe on Twitter further exacerbates the outrageousness of ......and the submission of the petitions to the City Clerk until further order of the Court. order further granted affirmative relief by ordering the City Clerk to accept all original recall ...... sweeping ban on many commonly read news and information websites, in addition to social networking websites such as My Space and Facebook. For all of the foregoing reasons, the Court concludes that the Act is unconstitutionally overbroad and void for vagueness, and ......Granting a motion for default judgment requesting damages of 1,237,650.00, which was "proportionate to [Defendant's] offenses"); Facebook, Inc. any party may file written objections to these findings and recommendations with the Court and serve a copy on all parties ...... Brown posted four of these pictures on his My Space page. We exercise plenary review over the District Court's grant of summary judgment. Oertwig were ordered to appear at the hearing and testify. On the City's request for an order requiring the destruction of all infringing material, the Court hereby GRANTS ...... (B) any question of law or fact common to all defendants will ... In turn, Lewellen posted derogatory language on Cessna's Facebook Wall. are clearly erroneous, we consider only the evidence favorable to the judgment and all reasonable inferences to ... When asked what her opinion was of Weaver before seeing the Facebook posts, Walsh testified: ......whether the necessary inferences are reasonable based upon the combined and cumulative force of all the evidence ... Summary judgment may be granted if, drawing all inferences in favor of the nonmoving party, "the pleadings, depositions, answers to ...... For the purpose of making the dismissal determination, a court must accept all the well ...... Plaintiff Mc Connell was ordered to "bring all materials, electronic or otherwise, including e-mails, Facebook ...... sending her a message stating, "I'm sure that you heard you l[o]st in court. Nonetheless, the next day, defendant sent plaintiff a Facebook request. evenhandedly, carefully considered the merits of plaintiff's application seeking the FRO, and afforded defendant all the process that ...... evidence or judge the credibility of any witness, and must affirm the trial court's decision if ...... court to determine, at this time, whether the Court can exercise jurisdiction over Little pursuant to CPLR 301 based on his domicile.

Plaintiff's public comments before the School Committee, and particularly after the lawsuit was filed, Plaintiff was subject to frequent taunting and threats at school, as well as a virtual on-line hate campaign via Facebook. For all these reasons, this Court grants Plaintiff's ......for a cozy private conversation, but that otherwise the First Amendment gives passersby the right to memorialize and publish (on Facebook, on Twitter, on You Tube ......other, made excessive use of brand name "keywords" to increase its own website's relevance, reposted identical consumer complaints to create the impression that they are new content, and created Twitter accounts that ...Facebook first argued that plaintiffs' lack of Article III standing barred all of their ...... this Court cannot consider Defendant's ยง 101 challenge until it first considers all of Defendant's ...But I feel now, with all this going, maybe I should have at least said that, you know, that he was on My Space, which really isn't that important, I didn't think. from the Federal Circuit have indicated that given the opportunity, district courts should consider ...