Psychology of dating a married man

17 Aug

In the end, it may come down to the question of respect, and what we're really seeking in these relationships.Here's a deeper look at the psychology behind the side piece phenomenon.

-How has this affair affected you and how you view your partner?

-Affairs usually involve the emotional management of three people involved. Is there a system of communication that will ensure the emotional safety of everyone involved? Don’t wait in vain that the person you’re having an affair with will leave their partner. Some people are attracted to affairs because you can’t ever truly have that person to yourself. Amy Yew is a registered clinical counselor and relationship therapist.

We exchange a kiss goodnight, leave the apartment at 3 a.m., and hail a cab.

I’ve noticed several things when they’ve disclosed: they often feel uncomfortable admitting they’re sleeping with someone who is married and they often idealize the person.

One person even admitted to a friend of mine that the affair has been going on for months and so emotionally tied to the person that they feel helpless in mustering the courage to end it.