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Prerequisite to the award of either degree in this program is the simultaneous award of its counterpart degree. S./MUP must apply to and be admitted to both programs. S./MUP program must also take and pass a comprehensive exam in Urban Planning. The College will assign the incoming student to a temporary advisor at the time of admission.

The requirements for admission to the Master of Urban Planning degree program are detailed in the Urban Planning section of the Bulletin. Cooperating Departments: Professors Bravo, Hector, Ph. A student may change advisors with the consent of the new advisor and of the Associate Dean of Graduate Programs of CEAS, and upon notification of their current advisor. Topics in design of multistory building systems; planning & environmental criteria, loading, analysis, design, construction, lateral systems, foundation, cladding, building service & management.

Master’s Program Committee The Program Committee is proposed by the major professor in consultation with the student. Advanced topics in design of steel structures; plate girders, moment resisting frames, stability & bracing, connections, torsion, seismic design, fatigue & fracture. Prereq: grad st; Mech Eng(580) or Civ Eng 580(P); or cons instr.

The Committee is to include at least three graduate faculty, not all of whom are in the same department.

With the exception of the Master of Science in Computer Science, the graduate programs offered by the College of Engineering and Applied Science are college-wide programs, and the responsibility for these programs is vested in the graduate faculty of the College operating via an interdepartmental committee, the Graduate Program Subcommittee (GPSC). Presentations by bioengineering affiliated faculty, invited speakers, and graduate students.

At least 12 credits, including thesis, must be earned at UWM.

Evaluation of the study plan is based on its appropriateness as an engineering or computer science program, the availability within the University of appropriate course offerings, and the availability within the College of a faculty member who is qualified to serve as the student’s major professor. The student must also satisfy a residence requirement. Sc., Massachusetts Institute of Technology Professors Lopez, Hugo F., Ph. Process of modeling and simulation, matrix techniques, network analysis, statistical analysis, etc.

Students who wish to gain an advanced level professional learning experience with an industrial or government organization may select the internship course (997) subject to approval of the advisor, a participating industrial or government organization and of the GPSC and the CEAS Associate Dean. D., Ohio State University Associate Professor Abu-Zahra, Nidal, Ph.

The flexibility of customizing the program of study makes the Master of Science in Engineering Program suitable as a terminal degree as well as a stepping stone for doctoral level study. Equations of elasticity in two and three dimensions; two dimensional problems in rectangular polar and curvilinear coordinates; torsion of noncircular shafts; bending of prismatic bars.

The Master of Science in Computer Science is a departmental program and is offered by the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.