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01 Oct

A lot of times, people will be understanding about the mistake, but there are some different contexts to consider.

Once you've toned down your panic, you can figure out what steps to take next. If the message is just something harmless and has no context for this friend, a quick "Whoops - sorry!

So if you are like me and just sent a message to the wrong person, what should you do?Meant to send that to someone else" is usually fine. Source: Okay, even when the actual content of the message is harmless and inoffensive, it can still be embarrassing to send it to a person you don't know super well or who you want to see you as a responsible person.When the actual message is nothing to stress over and the person who got it knows you, a quick apology for the momentary confusion or inconvenience is all you need. Apologize a little more formally if you accidentally texted the woman whose kids you babysit for or sent an email to your boss.Source: This one is pretty bad, but has happened to a lot of us.To be honest, you were kind of in the wrong for texting behind her back even when you were doing it privately. Know that this could cause lasting damage, but do apologize quickly and try to make it up in any way possible.