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14 Oct

I hate the exploitation of animals and believe people need to be exposed to the atrocities that these beautiful creatures suffer at human hand. How can I claim to be a fighter of animal rights when I eat them? I'm finding being vegetarian quite easy to do, but my ultimate goal is to become a vegan eater.

Just beginning my journey as a vegan, still have some slip-ups, but my body isn't liking it when I do. I just need more information to be confident in providing my body with the nutrition it needs. Also concerned about the environmental impact humans are having on the earth, I googled it. Ⓥ Vegan since Dec 2011 Hi I have been vegetarian for years and then after becoming informed decided to adopt a vegan lifestyle, for not only ethical reasons but spirituality and health as well.

Since then I have done a lot of self discovery and can now proudly cook a complex, delicious and nutritious meal!

Ⓥ Raw vegan - vegan since Sep 2011 I'm a 41 year old raw Vegan living in Strathalbyn.

I'm passionate about animals and do not wish to support animal cruelty in any form.

I'd like to be part of creating a sustainable future on Earth. 10 months Avid Animal Lover, take in rescued ferrets. I'm Lucy, i love design and being creative, i love being active and being able to make a difference.

I work as a early childhood educator in an evening service. To encompass a total body, mind and spirit relationship with oneness. Friends and family don't always understand but are supportive.

I enjoys my days at home gardening, sewing and fixing the house. Before I became a vegan on 2008 I had been a vegetarian for about 9 years. I enjoy the life I live and always aspire to learn and grow every day. 3 days Im a lacto-vegetarian that has finally got the guts to say to her Father, sorry Dad, Im a VEGAN and Proud of it.

I'm in my early thirties, love to socialise and dance, and am a total homebody who loves baking and making creative home improvements :-) Ⓥ Vegan since I am a passionate vegan and am relatively new on this journey. about 1 year I have been vego for years but recently made the shift to vegan after reading an article about the dairy industry.Have 1900 ferret loving friends on Facebook, a select few of whom are Vegan and opened my eyes to the neglect and abuse of animals. I am a positive person and believe that we choose our lives and no matter what situation were in we can always get out of it and of course i absolutely love animals especially cats!Ⓥ Vegan since 2011 I am 19 years old, keen to stay young foras long as possible. My dream is to run a sanctuary caring for animals rescued from factory farms.I love the opportunities this group provides, as I live with my family, none of whom are vegan. Ⓥ Vegan since Sep 2014 I'm 19 years old and became vegetarian about 15 years ago.Love to learn any recipes, tips and tricks, and meet fabulous people. I have just started a You Tube channel ''Vegan Ascension'' to bring awareness about animal cruelty and to inspire people to live positive, happy, healthy and cruelty-free lives. I always instinctively knew that eating meat was wrong which is why I gave it up so young.