Naked in larned ks

16 Apr

I think Russell, Olathe, KS is closest to the meaning of the song, but what no one here seems to know is that a famous musician in New Orleans by the name of Deacon John claims to have written this song and says that it was in fact stolen from him by Steely Dan. I swear that Don and Walt must sit here when they are board and goof on all the people that come up with these ridiculous song meaning.

If that is in fact true, it would surely explain both the title of the song and the reference to Alabama Crimson Tide since Alabama is LSU's (our State College)'s biggest rival. Both Becker and Fagen have repeatedly said that this song, amongst other things, was about a loser wanting a name just like the winners in the world like Alabama's Crimson Tide. If you know anything about the Dan, they are 2 of the most sarcastic Ball Busters alive, lmao.

He also had been a good rhythm and blues singer before 1970.

But, he got injured and his professional football career was over by 1974.

The song is a TOTAL put down of the indulgent musician life.

If you play enough clubs and bars you actually run into a character like this. To Fagen and Becker the Deacon Blues character is a buffoon and a joke.

"That shape is my shade there where I used to stand" refers to the heat/light of an atomic blast being so intense that the outline of person, their "shade" is actually an artifact left behind on a surface because of the difference in temp created by their shadow.

Deacon Blues is one of the snidest songs ever written.

He's heard about jazz musicians living fast and dying young, and he wants every part of it."They got a name for the winners in the world I want a name when I lose They call Alabama the Crimson Tide Call me Deacon Blues"I've always heard the line "I want a name when I lose" as "i wanna lay when I lose"And I can't unhear it.By the time of this song, Deacon was doing bit parts in movies and TV shows.Becker and Fagan grew up and went to college near New York City.Several of their songs have this snide undercurrent wherein they are poking fun at the subject with the full recognition that the public will not get the reference, from Turn That Heartbeat Over Again, to Pretzel Logic, to Rose Darling to Deacon Blues to Peg.The song has nothing to do with the Wake Forrest football team.