Moriah dating baldwin hills

14 Oct

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Get it together, peeps, especially when you're going in as a group and representing a church.

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Baldwin Hills is a reality TV show that aired on BET for three seasons, from July 10, 2007 to March 17, 2009.

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The bodies of Moriah Cunningham, 24, her four-year-old son Elijah and five-year-old daughter Alayliah were discovered by a relative around 2pm at the Rosewood Apartment complex in Little Rock.

The show follows a group of wealthy African-American teenagers living in the Baldwin Hills district of Los Angeles.Only three of the main characters have stayed the same throughout all three seasons: Gerren Taylor, Moriah Johnson, and Staci (whose last name was never revealed on the show). She had a brief modeling career in her early teens, but when the Baldwin Hills show began, her career had been seriously dwindling, although she still continued to get the occasional modeling job.Moriah was a young gay man who found love at the end of season 3, while Staci's overall story arc involved money issues and her career plans, which had to be put on hold when she found out she was pregnant.The older sister was not at home at the time of the killings 'I couldn't even think, seeing them lie there in blood… Officer Steve Moore said authorities have interviewed several people in the area to get more background information on the family.'Background is what we want right now, to kind of see, like I said, what's been going on, who's supposed to be there, who's not supposed to be there; is there anything now that's not here that should be,' he told KTHV 11.