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19 Sep

At this point James, the company president, walked over for an introduction.

“I have to dance with this ravishing beauty,” he said. The next song was a slow one, and before it was over Annie’s body was plastered against his.

Annie came to it in a tight little black dress that had a mid-thigh hemline and spaghetti straps up above.

The low-cut neckline revealed most of her back and an eye-catching amount of cleavage.

My wife, Annie, was brought up in a strict home, and hadn’t even been French-kissed until our first date in college. Annie developed such a voracious appetite for sex that we tried every nuance known to man and woman.

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Twenty minutes later I saw James again, working the room.The internet has been a part of our lives for the past three years, and the erotic stories about men sharing their wives get Annie as hot as they do me.This past New Year’s my firm gave a giant party to celebrate record profits.But Annie hadn’t returned with him, and about five minutes later James disappear- ed into the elevator.Once more I tried to keep my mind off what might be happening to my wifr, and ignored my watch.