Mate1 online dating college dating high school girl

23 Sep

Speaking of conversations, Mate1claims to have the most active dating site around. The women we contacted took days to get back to us, and we only exchanged two or three messages before they stopped entirely.

They say they have more messages exchanged and greater activity between users than any other. It’s not us, we know that; we’re good guys, and we have plenty of proof that our profiles and messages work.

It creates a situation where there’s a glut of women.

You’d think that would be a guy’s dream, he could pick up chicks and get dates that same week, but it doesn’t work that way.

Compared to our top sites, it’s definitely not worth the effort or the fees.

The biggest issue with Mate1is the obvious: men pay, women cruise for free.

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Apparently, their coders don’t know how to make proportional sidebars and center content; on our laptops, the sidebars each take up nearly a quarter of the screen, leaving a little less than half the screen in the middle for actual content, like terms and conditions or, more importantly, our results and conversations with women.In the interest of fairness, we chose the one that ranked highest as a Match for us and ignored the other two; we figured she would only get back to us from one if she liked what we had to say.It didn’t make a difference, though; we sent out our five hundred messages, we got back sixty-nine, and none of those turned into setting up a date. That ranks it among the worst sites we’ve tried out.One of the more standard but still good to have features is that of the nickname search to search users by their name on the website.Mate1 Signup Process The sign-up process involved three easy steps as seen above which is entering a nick-name, filling out some basic required information such as your status, religion, eye color, body type, ethnicity and a few more things, then uploading a picture if you so choose to.