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11 Feb

The Queen Mother stepped into her husband's empty space to become a shoulder to lean on for the Prince of Wales, until her death in 2002.

As a result, it is common knowledge in Palace circles that the reason Camilla spends so much time at Raymill House, her own Wiltshire home near Highgrove, is that she can enjoy being with her five grandchildren there.‘People are very different with their own grandchildren,’ says one of the Prince’s Norfolk friends. One of the reasons Charles made an effort to join Diana in the nursery when William and Harry were small — until the marriage began to disintegrate — is that he had not forgotten the trials of his own childhood.Such chats will, of course, be divided with the Middletons, who are expected to bear the lion’s share of grandparent duties — at least for the early years.Carole and Mike will be Granny One and Grandpa One, while Charles, at least at the beginning, will be Grandpa Two. ‘He knows what a good job Diana did in the early years by broadening William and Harry’s experiences away from the rigid protocol of royalty, which is something he could not do.Years ago, he happily snapped away, but his former valet Stephen Barry recalled how one day he simply stopped after observing that the pictures he took were never looked at again.Charles will remember that William learned much about the art of kingship at the knee of his grandmother during what Diana called his ‘granny chats’ at Windsor Castle.