Married dating wifes usa

27 Nov

This post focusses on completing the process yourself without an agent.Personally, I prefer to handle things myself, having complete control over efficiency and organisation.However, I advise leaving a two-day window aside to complete the process just in case you run into a problem.Remember, if you are both foreign nationals, you will need to consider this process for two.In other words, simply having a ceremony in Thailand doesn't mean you are legally married.It is very possible to complete the process of getting the correct documentation together in one day, and that's the goal of this post.

However, if option 1 doesn't work out, this option is a sure thing.The officer at Chaeng Wattana (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) will stamp your passport translation.You will then show this at the Amphur (district office) at your appointment to marry. The majority of embassies are in and around Wireless Road, including the UK and US embassies.Your embassy will most likely require you to make an appointment to get your affirmation done. British nationals DO need to make an appointment to get an affirmation.The consular accepts appointments – on Monday – Friday. Get the earliest appointment you can, closest to the opening time of the embassy, which should be 8am.