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08 Jan

Louis and Samantha Wilhelm of Millcreek have each been charged with multiple felonies after they allegedly enticed the 16-year-old into having sex with them multiple times over the course of four months starting in February.The Deseret News reports that Louis has been charged with four counts of sexual exploitation of a minor' five counts of endangerment of a child, and nine counts of unlawful sexual activity with a minor.Utah Department of Corrections- This state department site provides information on the sex offender registry and statistics regarding sex crimes in Utah.Back to top Discover the difference an experienced sexual assault lawyer will make at this tough time of your life.

According to The Smoking Gun, officer Rich Stone was flagged down outside the Sacred Heart Catholic Church at about 6pm by an attendee "who ran into the road to stop my car", as the police report puts it.

The registry serves as a means of public notification of the names of people convicted of any sexual offense.

Under Utah law, a conviction for any type of sex offense can eventually lead to placement on the Utah sex offender registry.

Sandra Kruser, 56, and Wilson Benally, 60, were allegedly going at it hammer and tongs, with the latter's "tongue and finger" inside the former's vagina, according to cops, who added that four wide-eyed kiddies from the wedding party had been looking on.

Rich said he'd been obliged to forcibly decouple the pair as they "failed to follow directions".