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30 Oct

It has also influenced the likes of Tom Clancy, so it's a game that has had a greater impact on our industry than people might think. At its core, it's a serious naval military simulation, where the default time unit the game progresses in is measured by seconds, so battles can last literally days of real play time.

You can speed the game up, but when you're controlling a vast fleet, that's a recipie for tactical disaster.

Though the game hasn't had much of a visual upgrade from 1989, that also works in its favour.

Now, Harpoon actually looks like a military program.

“It’s not the type of love story you see every day,” she said.

Marlohe, who now lives in Los Angeles, said that filming “5 to 7” also gave her the opportunity to fall in love with New York.

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It turns out the actress was confused by American romance when she moved to the U. “Because in France, for instance, we don’t have the proper word to define meeting with a potential lover.” The French stunner, who seduced 007 as Severine in “Skyfall,” trades guns for glamour in her new romantic comedy “5 to 7.” In the movie, which opens in New York on Friday, Marlohe, 35, had to learn about another unfamiliar concept for her role as Arielle, the wife of a French diplomat who embarks on an affair with Brian, an aspiring writer played by Anton Yelchin.

See, while Starcraft at time feels more like a competition to click the fastest, and while Total War games feel like an elegant modern day chess, Harpoon is the real strategic deal. Given even the basics strategy can take years to perfect (especially when you're working with the unique quirks of nearly 3000 different types of units), and the fact there are no fewer than 269 senarios in the game, Harpoon is a massive package, and well worth the purchase price.

It was a pleasant surprise to find that Harpoon was still around, and still being worked on.

Although it's a very old game now, it's not an antique, and strategy buffs will find near endless value in the game.

The demo alone is massive - giving you 22 scenarios to play with, so there's plenty to test out to see if this is your kind of game before you make a purchase.