Is joe jonas dating chealsea stub

28 Apr

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The 21-year-old actress told the magazine that they were the closest of the cast members and she describes them as “each other’s ying and yang.” Uh oh, Demi Lovato, you might not want to read this.

From We really enjoy each other’s company, we’re kind of each other’s ying and yang.

Also had slutty sleepover pictures of her with girl friends, and drinks underage.

Rumored to be dating Joe Jonas, but it's only obvious he is way too good for her.

" And she was just as beautiful and cute and talented then as she is now.

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And I went one time and I was a mess through the whole thing; I was such a ball of nerves and I'm like, I'm not even doing it anymore! And also Melissa — plus she's so funny, and I always love seeing how people are in the packages before they dance, in the rehearsal process, and I think Melissa would just have golden moments in that. And I heard it for the first time live, and couldn't believe it, and it totally worked! Note to guys: The band thing does really work sometimes.21. Yeah we did a Travelodge commercial about safety tips. Vanessa was in the commercial, and we were pen pals for like a year!

S.," they had to learn all of this karate, and looking back on it, I have the greatest videos of them like rolling around, practicing their karate on the sound stage. We don't get to see each other as often as I'd like, but yeah, Nick has come to watch a taping of Baby Daddy, and we've gone skiing together.