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15 Oct

However, the research we have participated in around science capital shows that for some visitors’ museums and their environments can be intimidating and a real deterrent to engagement.

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For over twenty years, we have been defending good people falsely accused of Intimidation (Intimidating) a Witness or Victim in Broomfield, Boulder and Weld County. Intimidation or Intimidating a Witness or Victim, C. The Colorado legislature has made small conduct like calling someone a name or telling them, "I can't believe you called the police", chargeable as a class 4 felony. 18-9-111, to use obscene language toward a person with the intent to annoy them? 18-8-704, can occur unintentionally in Jefferson, Arapahoe and Douglas County.These statements could be construed as harassment, which, when directed toward a witness or victim, amounts to a felony."By the use of a threat, act of harassment, act of harm, act of injury, to any person or property, directed to any witness or victim or someone close to them, the accused attempts or actually does 1) influence the witness or victim to testify falsely or unlawfully withhold testimony, 2) induce them to avoid a summons requiring them to testify, 3) induce them to absent themselves from the legal proceeding, or 4) inflict harm or injury to them prior to their testimony."Did you know that it is Harassment, C. If the obscenity is directed toward a witness or victim's family member, you can be charged with a class 4 felony Intimidating or Intimidation of a Witness or Victim in Adams, Denver, Broomfield and Boulder County.The DA will argue that you made the obscene comments with the intent to influence the recipient to "unlawfully withhold testimony".