Intimidating a witness kentucky

18 Aug

In the initial harassment complaint obtained by the NPPA, witnesses testified that Frakes would often refer to himself as a Pulitzer Prize winner to emphasize his standing in the profession.The testimony also alleged that he would remind them that he knew editors in New York and that his influence could affect their chances for internships or jobs.The World-Herald reported that during the appeal hearing, there were character witnesses who testified that they had not heard Frakes make disparaging remarks towards women.Frakes had been on a one-year teaching assignment at UNL that was to have run through the Fall semester, but his 2017 Fall Semester classes have been canceled.It was the first time a student project had won the grand prize.“Despite the internal strife, we still had to report, because it was such an important story,” Kessler said about working on the Whiteclay project.There were also witnesses that said they heard Frakes verbally abusing Kessler during the Kentucky Derby where she was part of a team of students assisting Frakes with his complicated system of remote cameras.Frakes accused her of being “stupid” because he said the cameras she was assigned did not fire, but a male photographer who had a similar issue was not reprimanded.

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Frakes was also a Nikon Ambassador, a member of a group of elite professionals who are on contract to promote the camera brand.Following the appeal ruling, when asked if Frakes would teach at the university in the future, university spokesman Sam Smith replied via email; “At this time, there are no expectations for that to happen.” Frakes does not expect to be in the classroom again soon.“I currently have no plans to teach,” he told the NPPA.Kessler and others stated they felt that it was intimidating and that they were afraid to confront him about his behavior because of his influence in the industry.In the complaint, Frakes was also accused by witnesses of regularly making remarks to female students about their bodies or sexual comments about other women’s bodies.