Internet explorer not updating web pages

07 Sep

Unprefixed version: Microsoft Edge build 10240 View Changelog: Build Number 10240 An evolution of the Content Security Policy specification, allowing developers to create a whitelist of sources of trusted content, and instructing the browser to only execute or render resources from those sources.

Unprefixed version: Microsoft Edge build 15002 View Changelog: Build Number 15002 Credential Management API describes an imperative API enabling a website to request a user’s credentials from a user agent, and to help the user agent correctly store user credentials for future use.

Async/await can be implemented based on a desugaring to generators, as described in the following design doc: G_9Ofmg Erv Fld4MPDC4Wkr8t Puqm SWu_3Y/edit?

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Allows script loaded via a CSP2 nonce-based or hash-based whitelist to load other script, enabling developers and site administrators to reduce their reliance on whitelists and to tighten CSP implementations.

Unprefixed version: Microsoft Edge build 15042 View Changelog: Build Number 15042 Adds APIs to the canvas 2D context that make it possible to draw a focus ring around a canvas path and notify the operating system of the bounding box of the focused object for accessibility.

Unprefixed version: Microsoft Edge build 14393 View Changelog: Build Number 14393 The canvas 2d context has the global Composite Operation attribute that is used to set the current compositing and blending operator.

Allows a server to instruct the user agent to upgrade insecure requests via a Content-Security-Policy header.

This directive is meant to make it even easier for a site administrator to move towards using all secure transports, while avoiding having to make massive updates to URLs in their web applications.