Hapas dating hapas

10 Mar

Welcome to /r/Hapas, a treasure trove of every single morsel of testimony and news devoted to Asian women, their fetish for white men, White men, their fetish for Asian women, and the resulting trauma inflicted on their Asian-looking children.Summary: Interracial pairings can oftentimes represent progress - however, in certain cases, people form relationships according to old, latent ideas of nuanced, gendered racism and notions of power, status and hierarchies.

COM/R/HAPAS, SINCE ITS INCEPTION IN SEPTEMBER, 2014 Asian women on /r/hapas or elsewhere admitting that Asian men are physically unattractive and that there's a chance their children will be too.

/r/hapas theorizes that young Hapa people can be very high risk.

/r/hapas looks to be a safe space to talk honestly about these children and provide interested and disinterested parties with understanding where one of the most common interracial pairings might lead.

Parents of biracial Asians pushing their children as a eugenic "master race" - despite most Asians looking very Asian, and looking very average and lower on the hierarchy than full whites.

High representation of WMAF children in national newstories for erratic, violent and unusual behavior Eurasians demonstrating extreme white-worshipping behavior, or disdain for Asian appearance Both parents are not prepared to deal with racism, or contribute to racism against their children (e.g., Asian women marrying extremely racist, mentally unstable white men or underestimating the deepness of white racism) Failure of Hapas to integrate; Asian women enjoying high status and ability to integrate due to sex, but half Asian sons being isolated and excluded.