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10 Jul

There's a Gretsch stencil by Buescher on e Bay now that has an extensive write-up by the seller at Bay ISAPI.dll?View Item&item=2557975314&category=16232&rd=1 and it looks pretty decent.The sellers are in Norfolk, VA, one of the possible targets - about 30% chance - of Isabel.I hope they don't have to suffer the full force of that monster. As for Isabel, she's currently making her way dead on for the little burgh I currently call home. A DECISION MUST BE MADE BY THEIR BLACK FRIDAY SALE!!!!! unfortunately i have a lot of clean-up to do and there are a few things id like some help with... it came with pearl snares with a few broken wires, held on with string on one side, plastic on the other. I would do my best to use the sock throw-off system. Never dull will restore it far beyond what you see now.

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So far, all of the Buescher stencils I've seen are more akin to the student model Elkhart.

on my snare at home i usually only rimshot (its the only way to make mine really sound good) but with the gretsch, it was very flexible. i dont have the cash on hand but i can borrow it from my brother and have some cymbals and the snare i currently use to sell. i am really looking forward to having a good sounding (done) good looking (almost) and good working snare. chrome peeling on batter hoop) i just took the drum down to the shell. I second the Never Dull, I use it on all my chrome snares. It will in fact remove much of the superficial pitting I see in your photos.

recently, i have had trouble with a thin sounding snare, but this one is anything but thin....... unfortunately i have a lot of clean-up to do and there are a few things id like some help with... I also place a dab of Vaseline in the receivers to lubricate the threads.

I have no less than 5 of these particular stencils, all altos, waiting to be refurbished.

I don't know for sure, but I'd bet that the Gretsch falls into that category.