Fuckbuddy com

11 Sep

Some people come to Temple as virgins while others come to Temple experienced, but it’s natural to explore (whether it’s with multiple partners or one person).

It’s great to enjoy—until you’re stuck as a fuck-buddy when you actually want more.

In all seriousness, no matter what happens, this is someone you’ve been physical with and shared parts of your day in after-sex convo with.

That’s not a big deal—people want to have fun in college, and sometimes their definition of fun is not being seriously involved with someone on an intimate/serious level.

One week you guys will go out together and you’ll feel adored in their arms.

Next week goes by and you’ll only hear once from them for a quick fuck.

If your fuck buddy knows you want more and they’re not down to take things to the next level, they’ll either cut you off or make you feel like shit.

They’ll blame you for catching feelings and tell you that you should expect nothing from this.