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05 Jun

learn more about outreach December 14, 2017Alice and Olivia Shopping Event On Sunday, December 10th 2017, the Alice & Olivia store of Beverly Hills, CA held a private shopping experience that benefited Teen Line.From 3pm-5pm 20% of the proceeds from sales were generously donated to Teen Line and supported our mission to help teens in crisis worldwide.“Sexting” can be considered as being a form of flirting in which both men and women text back and forth with sexual remarks. This is all fun and healthy for new and/or even long-term couples to engage in.However, it is important for both parties to know that they are not alone in the venue of sexting chat lines. Sexting has become the norm in today’s relationships, whether the relationships are men and women, two men, two women, short-term, or long-term relationships.You have the right to be in a safe and healthy relationship free from all types of abuse. Arousr asked for some love, so we giving it to her! Whether you feel like your partner is already using their cell phone in an abusive way or you’re trying to prevent it, here are tips to keep you safe and healthy: If you are feeling threatened or suffocated by your partner’s constant calls or texts, it may be a sign that you are in an unhealthy and potentially abusive relationship.

Consider talking to your partner about giving you a little bit of space.

While texting might be the perfect platform to say a quick “hi,” there are some things to watch out for in a textual relationship with your partner.

If your partner texts too much, it’s not only irritating, but it could be unhealthy.

Our teens and adult volunteers gain invaluable knowledge in helping others, they work in a team-orientated environment, attend outreach opportunities, and they make a difference: in some cases even a life-saving one.

how you can help Our Outreach program reaches over 38,000 people each year providing presentations on various topics pertinent to adolescence.