Free sex chat requests

28 Nov

Your girlfriend may be down for the occasional porn-watching-romp, but just know that this can become both intimidating and ego-crushing.

[Read: 12 annoying things guys do that make girls want to fake it] The sex requests women wish you’d shut up about Curious to know if you fall under the “stop asking” category?Do your lover a favor and, if you have to make the request, do it when you’re already getting close. If you want a little dirty talk happening in between the sheets, grab this foreplay by the figurative balls and begin it yourself. Instead of making the request, try asking naughty questions to her instead.This will draw her out and make her more comfortable.If you’re not begging for it, your lax attitude on the matter may encourage her to relax.She may even be more likely to do it when you make it her choice.