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21 Jun

Digivolving from the initial Fresh stage usually progresses, but each subsequent level takes progressively more time.Because of this, only a sparse number of Digimon naturally reach their final forms.Combining the power of their Digivices with that of Azulongmon, the other Digimon who were at the In-Training level at the time digivolve to Rookies, but the Ultimate-level Paildramon, who is fighting a losing battle against Mummymon and a Triceramon at the time, is given the ability to Mega Digivolve, digivolving him to Imperialdramon., or De-Digivolution, is the opposite of Digivolution.During Digivolution the Digimon's appearance and attributes change, and it becomes significantly stronger than it was before.The resultant form of the Digimon almost always has a different name than the previous.they can download additional data to themselves, which makes them stronger.If they download enough data, Digivolution is triggered.

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Through Digivolution, a Digimon can develop into a more powerful being.

In the dubbed version of Digimon Adventure and its sequel, regular Digivolution is accompanied by a sound reminiscent of a dial-up phone Internet connection, possibly to signify how they download data to become stronger. In Digimon Adventure, the power of a Crest is required.

In Digimon Tamers it is more difficult to trigger Digivolution in partner Digimon. At first, it requires the Digi Destined to display the trait of their Crest (e.g.

Usually, a partner Digimon's default stage is Rookie; Gatomon from Digimon Adventure being a notable exception, as she naturally digivolved to Champion before meeting her human partner, Kari. De-Digivolving Digimon using a Digivice, the Digimon's partner can revert their partner to the 2nd evolution form and conserve energy when wounded, as seen Marcus Damon can even revert Agumon's digilevel to digivolve Agumon into other forms.

However, sufficient injury or energy loss can cause a Digimon to revert to an even lower form after naturally digivolving. Evolving Digimon requires energy, by either natural or forced (in the case of Marcus punching enemy Digimon). Digivolution is part of a Digimon's natural life cycle, with Digimon digivolving to stronger forms as a result of age and experience. In each series it is possible for a swarm of Fresh or In-Training Digimon to combine into one Digimon of a higher level.