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02 Feb

Debra Messing Question: What’s missing on Debra Messing? Cameron Diaz Strikingly attractive blue-eyed flat busted blonde Cameron D is definitely an A-cup!However, despite of her nonexistent boobies she was voted #4 on the 2011 Maxim list of Hot 100 Women.If you pull your hair and straightener down when you're straightening, it leaves your hair flat.If you pull up, away from your head, it gives you a boost of volume.I’m actually a little afraid of it, because I work really hard on having healthy hair, and I don’t want a little flat iron to ruin that.The moral of the story is this: flat irons really can mess up your hair, especially if you’re not using it correctly.Atonement star Keira Knightley cuddles the fact that she was born with small busts but still she’s flat and proud of it.Let’s check out other celebrities who don’t need to undergo in a surgical implant but they stunned exquisitely sexy.

I rarely use my flat iron, and if I do, it’s just to touch something up.Emma Watson Harry Potter series Hermione Granger was placed on the 3rd place on Empire Magazine’s ‘100 Sexiest Movie Stars’ list.She doesn’t need big b**bs coz’ Emma is still young.How many times have you grabbed your flat iron, then grabbed random pieces of your hair to straighten until it all looked good? Sectioning your hair is important - not only will it keep your hair healthier, but it will also leave it looking better.When you section hair, you're guaranteeing that you won't be straightening sections that are too thick.