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28 Jul

Mitch, no disrespect but did you get the numbers from a book/site etc.The reason I ask is that as you can see from my earlier post I referred to Chris Endres's book.After millennia of supporting only a meagre hunter-gatherer existence, the area near the present-day border with Oman was found to be a rare source of copper.

I did a search in the forum archives and these are the specs that I came up with.

My understanding is that the cam specs for LS1 engines are as follows: 1997-2000 C5 LS1: - Intake / Exhaust Duration @ .050": 202 / 210 Degrees - Intake / Exhaust Lift: .472" / .479" - LSA: 117 Degrees 2001-2004 C5 LS1: - Intake / Exhaust Duration @ .050": 199 / 210 Degrees - Intake / Exhaust Lift: .467" / .479" - LSA: 116 Degrees 1998-2002 Camaro / Firebird LS1: - Intake / Exhaust Duration @ .050": 198 / 208 Degrees - Intake / Exhaust Lift: .500" / .500" - LSA: 115.5 Degrees There has been only one cam change in the C5 LS1 - in 2001 - when a number of other changes were made in the C5 LS1 motor.

The other changes include: - an air inlet in the front of the air cleaner cover - a larger MAF (from a 74 mm to 85 mm) - a larger intake (LS-6) manifold - a switch from stainless steel 4 into 1 headers to cast iron tri-y headers - the addition of two "pup" cat convertors (four cat convertors in total compared to 2 in the 1997-2000).

Unlike the desert cities above, Julfar was a thriving port, in fact the hub of southern Gulf Arabic trade in the Middle Ages.

David Millar studied archaeology and glaciology at the Universities of Bristol and Cam shy bridge before working as a science journalist and editor in London Poverty soon drove him into the oil industry however as a result of which he...